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Voice heard on TV and radio, web videos, virals and explainers.
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Thanks for stopping by. This is the place where you can find out about the projects I'm working on and where I'll share some of the things I'm excited about. I host two radio shows on BBC Radio Bristol - the Sports Store on Wednesday nights, 6pm & Saturdays 11-2pm - and pop up in other places too - so come and say 'Hi'.

Having a microphone's just an excuse to meet all sorts of fascinating people and have a go at things I wouldn't normally get to try. I've been floored in less than a second by a Master of martial arts, had snakes, rats and spiders crawling over my face and cycled backwards on a reverse tandem, all while live on the radio.

I've picked up the odd award too - welly wanging champ (1994) and more recently some honours for doing good shows on BBC radio.
Thanks for all the help you’ve offered me - turning on the show in the afternoon, supporting events and watching my videos. I’m really grateful. If you'd like to stay in touch on Facebook - I'm here:


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P.S. The photo below...

I don't usually look like I've got a pineapple-esque bush on top of my head - just when I'm at the Antiques Road Show ;)


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I've presented some features for television - including one about a giant, ancient cave in Bristol and one about the Bristol Hollywood legend, Cary Grant.

They were broadcast on BBC One.

Created by Henry Wilmer